PPS Dust Filter Bag

PPS Dust Filter Bag

Acid, alkali, high temperature, low temperature, water, anti-static
Product description

PPS filter felt is the selection of high-quality polyphenylene sulfide fibers, in accordance with other high-temperature filter felt production process, production and processing of filter materials, high temperature filter material is one of the main varieties. PPS acupuncture filter performance in the following occasions.

1, working temperature 170 ℃, short-term working temperature 232 ℃, melting point 285 ℃, limiting oxygen index 34 ~ 35.

2, the oxygen content of 15% or less of the occasion can apply.

3, fuel sulfur or flue gas sulfur oxides, it has been proved that it is anti-acid corrosion, chemical resistance of strong fibers.

4, flue gas containing moisture occasions.

5, PPS filter bag has excellent performance record under the conditions of industrial and mining temperature of 190 ℃ ~ 232 ℃, when the air-to-air ratio is up to 5: 1 and the on-line cleaning and air-to-air ratio is 6: 1.

PPS fiber has the strength of complete retention and inherent chemical resistance, can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments, and achieve the desired life. PPS filtration felts are the ideal filtration material in pulsed dust-cleaning dust filters for filtering coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators and power plant fly ash.

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