PPS Filter Bags

PPS filter bag filter felt is a kind of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber produced by our company in the United States, Japan and other countries. It is a filter material manufactured and processed according to the production process of other high temperature resistant filter felt. It is the main type of high temperature resistant filter material.
PPS is also called polyphenylene sulfide fiber. The fiber is a new type of high temperature resistant fiber developed by Phillips of the United States and introduced to the market in 1983. At present, China's high temperature resistant needle felt filter market is mainly made of organic fiber Nomex Conex, Kermel and inorganic fiber glass fiber as raw material. The physical properties of organic fibers are significantly better than those of inorganic fibers.
Polyphenylene sulfide fiber is another high-functional fiber in high-temperature resistant organic fiber in recent years - not only can withstand high temperature, but also has unmatched excellent corrosion resistance of other high temperature resistant fibers.
The advantages of needle-punched felt made of polyphenylene sulfide fiber indicate the following aspects:
1. good temperature resistance: Melting point 285 ° C, continuous use temperature 190 ° C, instantaneous use temperature 230 ° C.
2. excellent corrosion resistance: Polyphenylene sulfide fiber is superior to Nomex Conex and Kermel fiber in resistance to organic acids, inorganic acids, and oxidants.
3. Excellent flame retardant: polyphenylene sulfide fiber has a polar oxygen index (LDI) of 34-35, which is an incombustible material. Polyphenylene sulfide fiber needle-punched felt not only has high temperature resistance, but also has unique properties of corrosion resistance.
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