P84 Filter Bags

The P84 filter bag is a high-efficiency and low-resistance filter material which is mainly made of glass fiber and compounded with P84 fiber to form a three-dimensional microporous structure. After special surface chemical treatment and finishing technology, the product is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, wear and tear, and it is resistant to water and oil, easy to clean and so on. The peeling strength is >40N, which can bear high air volume and high concentration dust collection efficiency.
The characteristics of the P84 composite high temperature resistant filter bag is significant due to the fineness of the fiber itself. The irregular fiber cross section increases the fiber surface area to the maximum and provides many tiny pores to make the surface filtration better than the depth filtration. The dust only stays on the surface of the filter mat and cannot penetrate into the filter mat. Therefore, the backwashing pressure is small and the filter cake bombing efficiency is remarkably improved, and the fine fine particle collecting efficiency is excellent and the working pressure difference is small.
Scope of application:
Applicable to coal-fired boilers, liquid bed boilers, waste incineration, asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, thermal power plants, etc.
P84 has the following characteristics
1. the use of the continuous temperature up to 260 degrees, the instantaneous temperature can reach 280 degrees;
2. It has good acid resistance, alkali resistance;
3. Hydrolytic stability is significantly better than NOMEX fiber.
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